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Energy Drinks and Food Bars – Important Information.

Crucial Realities Regarding Energy Drinks and Food Bars

While many people eat food bars and consume energy drinks every day, we are increasingly hearing that they’re not as healthy as the manufacturers would have you believe. There are some energy drinks that are even causing health problems and in a few extreme cases even death. If you want to avoid these affects to your health it’s important that you know what you are eating and drinking and avoid overuse. Pay close attention to the following tips about energy drinks and food bars.

Caffeine is the primary source of the energy in most energy drinks. This is the stimulant in the coffee and tea people all over the world consume in the morning or throughout the day. Energy drinks contain more caffeine in one drink than a cup of coffee might have. Drinking energy drinks to quench your thirst results in your consuming greater amounts of them in a shorter amount of time as you gulp them down quickly. This alone can have some severe side effects associated with too much caffeine such as anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and even heart troubles. At the very least you should switch to a caffeine free drink during exercise, preferably water, and get your regular caffeine doses the old fashioned way. As a replacement for energy drinks that are loaded with sugar and caffeine, an array of health food stores and grocery stores are offering up all natural drinks that don’t have added stimulants. These include fruit juice blends fortified with “superfoods” such as spirulina or blue green algae, coconut water or kombucha tea, which has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

A lot of these drinks are inherently sweet, although they won’t provide you with the same crash or other side effects you get from an unwarranted amount of caffeine or sugar. Another option is to acquire a juicer and make your own energy drinks at home.

Some energy or food bars are high in fat and sugar or high fructose corn syrup, and these have no more nutritional content than candy bars. Although, some energy bars have a lot of protein can be a healthy snack in between meals or prior to a workout. There are many brands of food bars on the market, but some of the better ones are Prana Bars, Larabars and Probars.

Surrounded by other well liked food bars on the market Cliff Bars are potentially the most excellent, yet some of them are sweetened. A good way to judge the quality of a food bar is to look at the sugar content and compare it to items such as sweet breakfast cereals and regular candy bars. Overall, you can find energy drinks and food bars that are nutritious, but you have to make a habit out of reading labels. Furthermore, you need to see that energy drinks can’t be switched for water, as food bars can’t be switched for real food. This means that if you’re going to eat or drink these creations, you should do so in moderation. The teachings we have gone over for energy drinks and food bars can be beneficial for you prudently using these products..

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